Artists 1997-2017:
Faith Ringold, David Driskell, Melvin Edwards, Sam Gilliam, Chakai Booker, Allison Saar, Grace Hartigan, William T Williams, Kevin Cole, Richard Mayhew, Jamaal Barber, Eko, Willie Cole, Robin Holder, Barbara Bullock, Roy Crosse, Richard Anuszkiewicz, John Dowell, Audrey Flack, Allan Edmunds, Arcmanoro Niles, Nelson Stevens, Holly Brigham, Wayne Crothers, Bodo Korsig, Kay WalkingStick.

Artists are provided with up to one week residencies. This includes: transportation to and from the college, lodging, meals, a small honorarium and all materials. We provide a master printer and student assistance. Residents spend their time at EPI discovering new ways to make their work, sharing their expertise with students, experimenting with materials, and discovering how to use the many resources offered by Lafayette College. Following the artist’s departure we produce the edition of prints. The edition is shared equally between artist and EPI. The edition size and number of AP’s and PP’s is decided at the end of the project. All proceeds from the sale of EPI’s print share are used to support its residency program. We are not-for-profit.