-Curlee Raven Holton Endowment Fund for the Arts, in honor of Christopher A. Tague ’00

We would like to thank the Tague family for their continued support over the years. Their generous support makes our residency program possible as well as internships and the purchasing of new equipment.

past visitors-

2020- Chloe Bass& Glenn Goldberg. 2020- Philip Pearlstein. 2019- Cullen Washington Jr. 2018- Sharon Olds& Sam Messer. 2018- Josephine Halvorson. 2018- Joan Waltemath. 2017- Iman Raad.

-David L., Sr. and Helen J. Temple Visiting Artist Endowment Fund

We would like to thank Riley K. Temple ’71 for this generous gift. Through this fund we invite one artist each fall semester whose work promotes racial and ethnic diversity, equity, and social justice.

past visitors-

2022- Le’Andra LeSeur. 2020- Mark Thomas Gibson. 2018- Charles Burwell. 2016- Alison Saar.