Artists in Residence

EPI offers a unique experience to its visiting artists, housing them and providing them with materials, student and staff support, transportation, and a per diem. These artists are generally invited to participate in the program and are asked to be available to work with classes while collaborating with both students and printmakers to produce the artists’ own works. Other artists also visit EPI to collaborate with printmakers, but on a non-residence basis.

Student-Centered Program

Not only are there students who work with director Pedro Barbeito as art interns, there is also a team of students working to manage EPI from behind the scenes. These students work on business and marketing, public relations, and research/documentation. They collaborate with Professor Barbeito to highlight EPI’s position at the forefront of the print world. EPI is for the students, by the students.

Community Outreach

Working within a small community, outreach is important to EPI. Workshops are offered for students, artists, school groups, and the local community of Easton, Pa. The largest event to date was the creation of the “World’s Largest Print,” in which EPI helped to bring together the local community, Lafayette College students, faculty, and artists to design and print a 2,500-foot-long print that circled the campus.


The Experimental Printmaking Institute is always seeking new talent and a helping hand in the studio. EPI offers semesterly and summer internships to students and printmakers eager to gain insight and experience in the field. In addition to the hands on nature of the internship, participants will have access to EPI’s materials and studio space, and the opportunity to produce their own work.