-Yale University School of Art Residency-


In 2019 we began our Yale/Lafayette College Residency Program, a partnership with the Yale School of Art where a graduating MFA student resides, teaches and makes art at Lafayette college for one semester. This is an invaluable experience for the students of Lafayette College who engage with a recent graduate from the top art school in the country, and for the visiting artist who is provided with a studio, apartment, stipend and teaching experience.

-Lee Services-


In the fall of 2019 we began a partnership with Lee Services, an agency in Phillipsburg, NJ, that provides meaningful experiences to adults with disabilities. Once a week for half an hour participants from Lee Services visit EPI and work with students on print projects, assist with artist projects and facilitate papermaking for Pard Paper.

-Pard Paper-

Pard Paper is a student run club at Lafayette College which meets weekly at EPI. Using our papermaking facilities we recycle the Lafayette Colleges paper waste turning it into numerous paper goods. On-site meetings have been postponed until fall 2021.

-ARCAthens Residency-


In 2019 we began a partnership with ARCAthens a residency program in Athens, Greece. This program brings one artist, upon completion of their residency at ARCAthens, to Lafayette College for a one-week all expenses paid residency. This offers the artist the opportunity to continue the work they began in Athens, through working on a printmaking project at EPI. Working at EPI they share their work and their experiences in Athens with the students of Lafayette College. They receive a stipend, they lecture on their work and visit with art majors.

-Lehigh Valley Residency Application-

In 2020 we launched the Lehigh Valley Residency Program. Khalil Allaik will be our first resident in fall of 2021. This is a biennial residency that any Lehigh Valley artist can apply for through an online application. Please send 20 images and a statement of intent to the address below. Artists work with EPI staff and students on a printmaking project over the course of one week, all materials are paid for by EPI. In addition the artists provide a public lecture and receive a solo exhibition at the Grossman gallery of Lafayette College.

Submissions & questions. Please send to: barbeitp@lafayette.edu