Faith Ringgold is an artist who needs no introduction. She has had a profound influence on the contemporary art world beginning in the late sixties when her unique style first appeared. During the 1970’s she introduced her dynamic Tonka quilts into the public consciousness coupling the originality of the avant-garde with the folkloric tradition of story telling. Faith Ringgold is a master storyteller and her inventiveness and narrative force have mirrored the aesthetic beauty of her creations. She has had numerous books published including her famous book “Tar Beach”, winner of the 1992 Caldecott Honor. The 1990’s marked another rich chapter in the creative life of Faith Ringgold with her series The French Collection touring nationally through October of 1999. Her American Collection of 2000 represents her most powerful social commentary. Ringgold began her newest series this year titled: the Jazz Series that will be shown in December of this year with here most recent book “O Holy Night”. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is collected by major museums around the world.    

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Artist Faith Ringgold and Curlee Raven Holton discussing prints in the studio.

Artist Faith Ringgold discussing prints in the studio.