EASTON, Pa., Sept. 16, 2009—The director of EPI, master printmaker/professor Curlee Raven Holton, has hired business, research and documentation, and public relations interns to direct a marketing campaign to position EPI in front of the art world. These interns, though under supervision of Holton, operate as independent young professionals charged with developing and enhancing relationships with EPI supporters, collectors, artists and the community. Described as the “Ink Think Tank” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, EPI’s mission is to advance an appreciation of the important role that art plays in our cultural, social, and political arenas.  The collaborative nature of printmaking makes it a superb vehicle of creative expression that embodies all of these aspects of our daily lives.

EPI’s interns will be challenged with real-world experience. Although all interns are juniors at Lafayette College, Holton has confidence in their ability to achieve the institute’s goal. Brief biographies on each intern follow:

Ting Chiu is the Business Planning Intern. She is the anticipated captain of a project pertaining to art commoditization and cultural revitalization in New Orleans, working closely with mentor Professor Hutchinson of Lafayette College. This past summer, Chiu also participated in an EXCEL project in which she conducted research of water systems and their implementation in rural regions. She is an English and Psychology double major.

Mildred Gonzalez is the Research and Documentation Intern. Gonzalez is a Writing Associate with the Lafayette College’s renowned Writing Program. This past summer, she worked with The Reciprocity Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless youth attain positions in creative careers. Gonzalez is also an English and Psychology double major.

Elisabeth Wraase is the Media Coordinator Intern. She handles public relations and marketing strategies for EPI, with experience working for Stanton Communications in Washington, D.C. She acts as writer, writer mentor, and Web Editor for the campus newspaper in addition to being a Writing Associate. This past summer, she worked as a Sales and Marketing/Edit Intern for Capitol File Magazine in DC. Wraase is an English major with a writing concentration.